Challenger Lifts’ Versymmetric® technology brings flexibility to any service bay while also

ensuring the safe lifting of any vehicle. Versymmetric®

 lift technology, established in 1992

by Challenger®

, combines a Symmetric and an Asymmetric lift into one!

Safely accommodating vehicles from compact cars to full size trucks, our Versymmetric®

lifts can do it all by using heavy-duty columns and arms. Meaning you can service a wide

range of vehicles all from the same service bay.

Whether you’re looking for efficiency or are just simply

short on space, this Challenger Lift is right for you.

• Challenger’s Versymmetric®

 Technology, with 3-Stage offset front arm

design, allows for the safe symmetric lifting of trucks or asymmetric

lifting of other small vehicles within the same service bay.

• Direct Spot Technology™, created by the Versymmetric® offset arms,

allows you to save time on spotting a short wheelbase vehicle by

eliminating the need to struggle with the tires.