The Hofmann® monty® 3300 and 3300em high-performance tire changers are designed for high-volume tire shops, multi-bay repair shops, and car dealerships. Technicians can effortlessly and safely change standard tires or the most difficult performance tires (low-profile and run-flat tires) on cars, SUVs, and light trucks.The monty 3300 series features a powerful, multi-position bead breaker that delivers 6,000 lbs of power at the bead shovel, making easy jobs of both the stiffest and softest sidewalls.

Overall Wheel Clamping Diameter 10"-24" (25-61 cm)

Inner Wheel Clamping Diameter 12"-24" (30.5 - 61 cm)

Outer Wheel Clamping Diameter 10"-24" (25-61 cm)

Bead Breaker Range 2"-17" (5-43 cm)

Bead Loosening Power 6,000 lbs (2,722 kg)

Max Outer Tire Diameter 40" (101.6 cm)

Shipping Weight (monty3300em) 855 lbs (387.8 kg)

Shipping Weight (monty3300) 625 (283.5 cm)

Power Requirements 120V 1Ph 60Hz