295 80R 22.5 Goodyear Armormax MSS Tyres Armor Max MSS high performance tyres, they were developed with maximum resistance for aggressive routes, which mix paved roads with dirt roads, such as, for example, rural areas, civil construction, or garbage collection. To create a high performance product, Goodyear developed High Elongation Wire technology, a carcass with four stronger steel bands constructed to provide greater elasticity and adherence to the rubber compound, making the Armox Max a true armor. In addition, the most advanced engineering and the high performance compounds used in its development protect the tyre and provide it with a higher retreading rate and maximum mileage, translating into a greater number of trips and cargo transported, a lower cost per kilometer and fewer tyre breakdowns. The robust tape package with High Elongation Wire technology included in the Goodyear Armor Max tyres ensures a stronger carcass, allowing a greater number of recoats. This is a great advantage, especially when we compare with models on the market that have only three tapes and that are frequently discarded for reconstruction due to the failures suffered "