GOODYEAR EFFICIENTGRIP SUV 225/55-18 Tyre Specification:

  • Size: 225/55-18.
  • Season: SUMMER.
  • Vehicle Class: C1.
  • Speed: V.
  • Load Speed: 98V.
  • Stock Description: 225/55R18 GY EFFINTGRIP SUV 98V.
  • Runflat: No.
  • Tyre Type: F
  • Rolling Res: E
  • Wet Grip: C
  • Noise Class Type: 1
  • Noise Performance: 68
  • OE Fitment:

GOODYEAR EFFICIENTGRIP SUV 225/55-18 Tyre pictures shown are a generic image of the tread pattern. Pictures / illustrations are of one tyre size of that particular model. Tread patterns may alter depending upon the size of the tyre, especially width and OE version. Images / illustrations may also show different sizes on the tyre wall, this is also due to the generic image used. Please refer to the actual product description or title for the correct vehicle tyre specifications. Furthermore, illustrations or pictures may show a wheel for display purposes only.